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CA Plus 3000

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  • Plus 3000 can be your great magic wand if you are that beginner who wants to start his/her cricket career with a reliable cricket brand. Something you need to nourish and excel in your field if you aim to opt-in cricket as a profession or if you are someone who plays it out of passion or hobby. So it can be a great choice, to begin with. This economically feasible product is a competent and handcrafted English willow of grade 3. Talking further about its appearance, this bat is designed in such a way that keeping the factor of aesthetically appealing with the presence of a fluorescent lime green grip and embossed 3D stickers on its front, this bat stands out from the rest and can be seen from boundaries with bare eyes.
     Like all other bats Plus 3000 also presented to the customer in a designer bag.  It also possesses a classic colored-matched toe guard and reverses scale handle grip. Any beginner and learner should consider using this product while upgrading their cricket accessories.
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  • Handcrafted bat of English willow grade 3
  • Fluorescent high-vis color scheme
  • Economically feasible and a competent item 
  • Aesthetically appealing  
  • 3D stickers are inscribed on its front
  • Presented to a customer in a proper packaging 

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