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Product Warranty


We want to remain fair with product warranty knowing most of the products are manufactured globally and imported into USA. It is difficult to honor product warranty from manufacture due to long haul shipping where shipping may surpass product cost.

We offer limited warranty against fault that could be due to manufacturing (Very Rare) or defect for a period of 30 days after the date order was purchased online. All products that we are sale are genuine procured through original manufacture, any manufacture defected product upon inspection by us can be replaced for free. We own the discretion of declaring any product to be defective, we will try our best to facilitate in this situation. Shipping is the responsibility of customer in the case of warranty claim.

Only cricket bats are covered for warranty as explained above and sale of proof is must for the product that was purchased, warranty period doesn’t cover the following:

  • Cracks in the wood
  • Damaged toe, edges or swallow wood anywhere on the bat
  • Cost of Labor
  • Post-sales Knocked bats & used
  • Any damage during shipping of goods or missing goods
  • Bats used against bowling machines
  • Labor
  • Not ready to play bats due to insufficient knocking-in
  • Damage due to poor quality balls which are usually very hard with less cork inside.

If you return item with the claim of defect, we will inspect the product and inform about acceptance of refund. We follow strict quality checks before shipping anything that’s why it is up-to our discretion to accept or deny defective refund.

We cover following within 30 days of purchase which is outside of manufacture defect explained above.

  • Bats with broken or loose handles

Shipping in all cases is the responsibility of buyer (Customer), labor cost for fixing the bat handle is $75 and buyer (customer) is responsible for the cost.