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Old Bat Conditioning And Repair (Select Repair Options from Below I)

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Highly recommended for every season (Conditioning) or at least twice a year to prolong bat life and keep consistent or increase hitting power of bat. This process usually takes 5-8 business days before bat can be ready and we will keep you informed once job has been started and completed.

We perform following for Bat Conditioning & Repairs:

1) Completely remove all stickers and remove containments (ball marks, protective tapes etc.). This reduces weight and increase wood exposure for maximum hitting power

2) Sand at different levels to open pore of wood so that new fibers are exposed.

3) Fill minor cracks with special glue.

4) Oil multiple times usually twice during sanding process to protect bat.

5) Apply a professional scuff sheet to half blade of bat.

6) Fix broken toe, sides etc

7) Broken Handle Replacement

Note: This does not include any repair to the bat which is a different job and require more effort. Pick up options from list above if you need any repair. You will need to ship bat to us and return shipment will be on us for USA addresses. Due to limited resources we only do 20 bats a month.

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